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Open Access Journals: Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative Journals

The Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative publishes three open access online journals:

Cuneiform Digital Library Journal (CDL)
ISSN 1540-8779
No. Author Title Date
2002:1 Englund, R. K. The Ur III Collection of the CMAA (PDF) 2002/09/11
2002:2 Widell, M. A Previously Unpublished Lawsuit from Ur III Adab (PDF) 2002/09/27
2003:1 Englund, R. K. The Year: "Nissen returns joyous from a distant island" (PDF) 2003/02/15
2003:2 Widell, M. The Ur III calendar(s) of Tūram-ilī (PDF) 2003/02/20
2003:3 Michalowski, P. An Early Dynastic Tablet of ED Lu A from Tell Brak (Nagar) (PDF) 2003/03/05
2003:4 Hilgert, M. New Perspectives in the Study of Third Millennium Akkadian (PDF) 2003/08/26
2003:5 Chambon, G. Archaic Metrological Systems from Ur (PDF) 2003/12/23
2004:1 Heimpel, W. AO 7667 and the Meaning of ba-an-gi4 (PDF) 2004/01/12
2004:2 Widell, M. The Calendar of Neo-Sumerian Ur and Its Political Significance (PDF) 2004/07/14
2005:1 Monaco, S. Unusual Accounting Practices in Archaic Mesopotamian Tablets (PDF) 2005/05/01
2005:2 Friberg, J. On the Alleged Counting with Sexagesimal Place Value Numbers in Mathematical Cuneiform Texts from the Third Millennium B.C. (PDF) 2005/06/14
2005:3 Dahl, J. Complex Graphemes in Proto-Elamite (PDF) 2005/06/19
2006:1 Damerow, P. The Origins of Writing as a Problem of Historical Epistemology (PDF) 2006/01/28
2006:2 Johnson, J. C. The Ur III Tablets in the Valdosta State University Archives (PDF) 2006/04/24
2006:3 Richardson, S. F. C. gir3-gen-na and Šulgi’s “Library”: Liver Omen Texts in the Third Millennium BC (I) (PDF) 2006/08/06
2007:1 Seri, A. The Mesopotamian Collection in the Kalamazoo Valley Museum (PDF) 2007/08/25
2008:1 Adams, R. McC. An Interdisciplinary Overview of a Mesopotamian City and its Hinterlands (PDF) 2008/03/25
2008:2 Hilgert, M. Cuneiform Texts in the Collection of St. Martin Archabbey Beuron (PDF) 2008/07/07
2009:1 Proust, C. Numerical and Metrological Graphemes: From Cuneiform to Transliteration (PDF) 2009/06/22
2009:2 Robson, E. and K. Clark The Cuneiform Tablet Collection of Florida State University (PDF) 2009/07/19
2009:3 Friberg, J. A Geometric Algorithm with Solutions to Quadratic Equations in a Sumerian Juridical Document from Ur III Umma (PDF) PREPRINT
2009:4 Englund, R. K. The Smell of the Cage (PDF) 2009/08/21
2009:5 Lafont, B. The Army of the Kings of Ur: The Textual Evidence (PDF) PREPRINT
2009:6 Widell, M. Two Ur III Texts from Umma: Observations on Archival Practices and Household Management (PDF) PREPRINT
2009:7 Adams, R. McC. Old Babylonian Networks of Urban Notables (PDF) PREPRINT

Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin (CDLB)

ISSN 1540-8760

2002:1 Dahl, J. L. Proto-Elamite Sign Frequencies (PDF) 2002/04/29
2002:2 Englund, R. K. Notes on SET 274 (PDF) 2002/05/03
2002:3 Lafont, B. The Toponym Ligriki (PDF) 2002/09/11
2003:1 Englund, R. K. Worcester Slaughterhouse Account (PDF) 2003/01/28
2003:2 Fitzgerald, M. A. pisan dub-ba and the Direction of Cuneiform Script (PDF) 2003/02/24
2003:3 Taylor, J. J. Collations to ED Lu C and D (PDF) 2003/02/25
2003:4 Nathan, D. L. A "New" Proto-Cuneiform Tablet (PDF) 2003/03/28
2003:5 Dahl, J. L. A Note on Ur III Text Duplicates (PDF) 2003/06/30
2003:6 Veldhuis, N. Entering the Netherworld (PDF) 2003/09/02
2004:1 Wunsch, C. An Early Achaemenid Administrative Text from Uruk (PDF) 2004/04/05
2004:2 Johnson, C. Two Ur III Tablets from the Tulare County Library (PDF) 2004/06/14
2004:3 Monaco, S. Revisiting Jemdet Nasr Texts: IM 55580+ (PDF) 2004/09/01
2004:4 Veldhuis, N. HI-(še3) la2 (PDF) 2004/12/20
2006:1 Monaco, S. N16 in the Archaic Texts (PDF) 2006/01/02
2006:2 Veldhuis, N. Another Early Dynastic Incantation (PDF) 2006/04/23
2007:1 Adams, R. McC. The Limits of State Power on the Mesopotamian Plain (PDF) 2007/12/25
2007:2 Allred, L. and
A. Gadotti
The Cuneiform Collection of the Clinton Historical Society (PDF) 2007/12/30

Cuneiform Digital Library Notes (CDLN)
ISSN 1546-6566

CDLN 2003:001
Wolfgang Heimpel: The Akkadian Personal Name DI-NI-NI

CDLN 2003:002
Niek Veldhuis: The Sumerian word na-IZI

CDLN 2003:003
Wolfgang Heimpel: gu-nigin2, “bale”

CDLN 2005:001
Stefania Altavilla: An Account of Vegetable Oil from Girsu

CDLN 2006:001
Rikke Wulff Krabbenhøft: Accession Numbers of the Royal Ontario Museum

CDLN 2006:002
Robert K. Englund: Three Texts from Uqair

CDLN 2007:001
Robert K. Englund: New Hits for Erlenmeyer 152

CDLN 2007:002
Robert K. Englund: A Minnesota Estate

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The Journal of Roman Studies is now available in JSTOR

The Journal of Roman Studies
ISSN: 0075-4358
JSTOR Coverage: 1911-2005 (Vols. 1-95)
Moving Wall: 3 years
The Journal of Roman Studies publishes papers in the full range of the field which the Roman Society was established to promote, i.e. 'the study of the history, archaeology, literature and art of Italy and the Roman Empire, from the earliest times down to about A.D. 700'. The emphasis is on historical themes, but there are also articles on literary, archaeological and art historical topics, including issues of cultural and intellectual history that cut across these categories. Papers are intended to make a fresh and significant contribution to the understanding of the Roman world and to stimulate further discussion. Articles primarily on the archaeology of Roman Britain are published in the Society's sister journal, Britannia.

The usual month of publication is November. The contents list and abstracts of the most recent volume are available on the Society's web-page, as are the contents of the five preceding volumes.
Browse AWOL's list of all journals in JSTOR with ancient content.

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Open Access Journal: Revue archéologique du Centre de la France

Revue archéologique du Centre de la France
ISSN: 0220-6617
EISSN: 19516207
Publisher: Fédération pour l’édition de la Revue archéologique du Centre de la France

La Revue archéologique du Centre de la France est l’une des six revues archéologiques interrégionales qui couvrent le territoire métropolitain ; son ressort géographique concerne les régions Auvergne, Centre et Île-de-France, ainsi que le département de la Loire (région Rhône-Alpes). Elle couvre l’archéologie de toutes les périodes, depuis la Préhistoire la plus ancienne jusqu’à l’archéologie industrielle et des Temps Modernes, la majorité des contributions portant sur la Protohistoire, la période gallo-romaine et le Moyen Âge.

Numéros en texte intégral
Les Suppléments à la RACF

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik is now available in JSTOR

Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik
JSTOR Coverage: 1967-2009 (Bde. 1-171)
Moving Wall: 3 years
The Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, founded by Reinhold Merkelbach und Ludwig Koenen in 1967, publishes four to five volumes per year, altogether 162 volumes since 1967. It publishes articles of almost all disciplines connected with the Greek and Roman World, from literature, history, philosophy, culture, mainly, but not exclusively based on inscriptions and papyri, but also on coins and archaeological material. The journal is able to publish new and important documents in a very short time and gives scholars the opportunity to react quickly to new finds. The group of editors from different disciplines evaluate the incoming manuscripts including also referees from other countries.

Some recent volumes of ZPE are also available in open access: